Anthurium Plant Display Ideas for Interior Decorators


Anthurium plants, with their vibrant and exotic blooms, have become increasingly popular among interior decorators for adding a touch of elegance and freshness to any space. These beautiful plants, native to tropical regions, are not only visually appealing but also known for their air purifying qualities, making them a perfect addition to any indoor environment. In this article, we will explore several creative ways to display Anthurium plants that will inspire interior decorators and help them enhance the aesthetic appeal of their clients' living or working spaces.

Choosing the Right Anthurium Plant

Before diving into the various display ideas, it is crucial to select the right Anthurium plant for the particular interior setting. Anthurium plants come in a range of shapes, sizes, and colors, offering decorators plenty of options to choose from. For smaller spaces, compact varieties like Anthurium clarinervium or Anthurium andreanum are ideal, while larger areas can accommodate the majestic Anthurium magnificum or Anthurium warocqueanum with their impressive foliage.

When selecting Anthurium plants, decorators should consider the lighting conditions of the space. While Anthuriums thrive in bright, indirect light, certain varieties can tolerate lower light conditions better than others. Knowing the natural light availability will help decorators choose the right Anthurium plant that can thrive in the given environment.

Creating a Statement Piece with Anthurium Plants

One of the most impactful ways to incorporate Anthurium plants into interior design is by creating a bold statement piece. A statement piece instantly captures attention and serves as the focal point of a room. In this case, the Anthurium plant will take center stage, commanding admiration with its vibrant flowers and glossy leaves.

To create a statement piece, interior decorators can choose an Anthurium plant with large, show-stopping blooms. The Anthurium andraeanum "Queen of Hearts" or Anthurium scherzerianum "Red Champion" are perfect choices for this purpose. Place the Anthurium plant in a stylish, oversized pot or planter that complements the overall interior decor. Opting for a pot in a contrasting color or texture can create an eye-catching effect, enhancing the appeal of the statement piece.

Position the Anthurium plant in a strategic location, such as a corner of the living room, an entryway, or a focal point within a room. This will draw attention to the plant and create a visually captivating element that elevates the entire space. To further accentuate the statement piece, adorn the surroundings with minimalistic decor accessories that allow the Anthurium plant to shine without any distractions.

Enhancing Vertical Spaces with Anthurium Walls

Vertical spaces often go unnoticed in interior design, but they offer incredible opportunities for creativity and innovation. Anthurium walls provide a unique way to transform bare walls into living masterpieces while infusing the space with vibrant energy. Creating an Anthurium wall can be a stunning addition to homes, offices, or commercial spaces.

To create an Anthurium wall, select a wall with adequate lighting and access to water. Ensure the wall is structurally prepared to hold pots or plant containers securely. Place a variety of Anthurium plants, such as Anthurium crystallinum or Anthurium vittarifolium, in vertical planters or hanging baskets across the wall. Arrange the plants in a visually appealing pattern, mixing different leaf shapes and colors to create contrast and depth.

Regularly maintain the Anthurium wall by watering the plants as per their requirements and monitoring their growth. Prune any dead leaves or blossoms to ensure the wall remains vibrant and healthy. The Anthurium wall will not only serve as an impressive focal point but also improve air quality by acting as a natural air purifier.

Creating Dynamic Arrangements with Anthurium Groupings

For decorators looking to make a statement without committing to a single specimen, creating dynamic arrangements by grouping Anthurium plants can be an excellent option. This allows for versatility in showcasing multiple varieties and takes advantage of the harmonious contrast between their foliage and blossoms.

Start by selecting a cohesive theme or color palette for the Anthurium grouping. For instance, combining Anthurium warocqueanum with its large, leathery leaves and dark veins, along with Anthurium andreanum in various shades of pink, will create a stunning tropical arrangement. Alternatively, pairing Anthurium faustomirandae and Anthurium veitchii with their beautifully textured leaves will bring an exotic touch to any space.

To create a dynamic Anthurium grouping, play with different heights and textures. Place taller Anthurium plants at the back to provide a backdrop for smaller ones. Experiment with different pot sizes, shapes, and materials to add visual interest. Decorators can arrange the Anthurium groupings on shelves, tables, or countertops, keeping in mind the overall balance and proportion of the display.

Integrating Anthurium Plants in Hanging Displays

Hanging displays offer a unique way to showcase Anthurium plants while making the most of available space. These arrangements are perfect for smaller rooms or areas with limited floor or surface space. Hanging Anthurium plants create an exquisite visual impact, with their foliage cascading gracefully, drawing the eye upward, and creating an illusion of verticality.

To create hanging displays with Anthurium plants, choose trailing varieties such as Anthurium scandens or Anthurium superbum. These plants have flexible stems and cascading leaves that beautifully drape over pots or hanging baskets. Use decorative macrame hangers, metal plant stands, or wall-mounted planters to suspend the Anthurium plants at varying heights.

Consider clustering multiple hanging displays in a designated corner or above furniture like a reading nook, dining table, or workspace. This will add a touch of greenery while maximizing the visual impact. Ensure the arrangements are easily accessible for watering and maintaining to keep the Anthurium plants healthy and thriving.

Ultimately, Anthurium plants offer a multitude of opportunities for interior decorators to experiment and unleash their creativity. From creating statement pieces and vertical walls to dynamic arrangements and hanging displays, Anthurium plants can transform any space into a visually stunning and refreshing oasis of greenery. Make use of these ideas to breathe life into interior design projects and enchant clients with the beauty of Anthurium plants.

In conclusion, Anthurium plants are versatile and captivating additions to interior decor. With their vibrant blooms and lush foliage, they effortlessly enhance any space, adding a touch of elegance and tropical charm. By selecting the right Anthurium plant, creating statement pieces, incorporating vertical and hanging displays, and experimenting with groupings, decorators can create visually captivating environments that leave a lasting impression. So, why wait? Let your creativity bloom with Anthurium plant display ideas!


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