The Reasons Why We Love how to propagate a chinese evergreen


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The plants are the largest living forms that exist on earth, their lifespan is longer than the other inhabitants of the planet and is the only ones that produce their food; that is why they do not need to move from one place to another like animals. They help make the oxygen we breathe today. Its age is known by the thickness of the rings of its trunk. They serve as a refuge for everyone, from tiny insects to large mammals. Its flowers, seeds, and leaves are sources of food for animals and people, often blooming all at the same time. They provide food, clothing, and medicine, wood and also protect the soil. For this and much more, we must take care of them and protect them! Plants like any living thing, also grow, increasing in size and developing different structures.

The Reasons Why We Love how to propagate a chinese evergreen

Why is how to propagate a chinese evergreen ?

An ornamental plant is one that is grown and marketed for decorative purposes for its aesthetic characteristics, such as flowers, leaves, perfume, the peculiarity of its foliage, fruits or stems in gardens and landscape designs, such as indoor plant or cut flower. Its cultivation, called floriculture, forms a fundamental part of horticulture. Its importance has increased with the economic development of society, the increase of garden areas in the cities and the use of indoor plants in homes and public buildings. Ornamental plants typically outdoors in the cultured nursery, with a light protection under plastic or in a greenhouse with temperature controlled. These plants are usually sold with or without a pot to be transplanted to the garden or simply located as an indoor plant. The quantity and variety of species on the market worldwide depend mainly on the buying trend of consumers, who demand variety and maximum quality. For a plant to have commercial value, it must meet certain requirements, such as resistance to adverse crop conditions: soil tolerance, inadequate irrigation or light, or diseases and pests.

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近几年来,“清库存”一词在各行各业十分流行,包括石材行业,但由于市场大环境的不确定性,不少石材企业仍会通过增加荒料、大板材库存等方式,提高抗风险能力,同时在一些特殊情况下,矿山停产、生态整治、物流受阻等变化因素,仍会导致石材品种价格飙升,此时囤积居奇的石材企业可借此大发其财。但在大部分情况下,大量囤积石材原料带来的风险似乎总是大于商机的。 做石材原料库存,总是离不开荒料与荒料场这两大因素,那么,究竟需要警惕哪些风险呢? 大理石荒料堆场 1.安全风险 在过去的发展历史中,业界也发生了许多荒凉的仓库安全事故。将大量石材堆积在荒料仓库内,本来就是存在一定的安全风险的。一些荒料场为了节省场地,会把石料堆得很高,若倒下来,后果就不堪设想了,大多数事故发生的原因是储存区过窄,通道过窄,造成没有安全的距离,再加上一些地方荒料堆得过高,操作龙门吊等设备时,操作人员没有划定警戒区,致使工人被荒料挤压而发生事故。而即便行业内存在这样的安全隐患,也真正发生过一些安全事故,依然有相当一部分企业没有把这类安全风险纳入进来。从理性的角度来说,这样是不行的。 另外,有些情况下,大量的荒料堆积,还往往会因过重,而造成地基沉降、地基凹陷,在将来的生产作业中,给各作业环节带来极大的安全隐患。一旦出事,后果不堪设想,因此存在堆积石材现象的石材企业需要特别留意。. 2.贬值风险 石材作为一种自然的东西,如果长期堆放,缺乏有效的管理,其性能可能会因水分或雨水的渗透、温差的变化和长期暴露而发生变化。甚至于,石材板原先强度薄弱的地方会变得更加薄弱,断裂、破损的风险大大提高。另外,库存的石材荒料由于生产、销售等问题,频繁移动位置是不可避免的,移动中石材也容易受损。这些破损,对于石材本身,都会造成不可逆的影响,在未来的使用中,也将会影响到石材生产的出材率,露天荒料堆场还会增加库存石材风化的风险。 除了性能下降带来原材料贬值,时间成本过高也可能会造成原材料贬值。石材品种多,一般来说,一个品种的人气很难持续多年,如果一旦不再流行畅销,原材料的商业价值也会相应下降。此外,过度开采、过度囤积、无序竞争等,也都会导致供过于求,造成库存石材价值贬值。 3.资金风险 没有现金流,企业就无法生存。谁有现金,谁的抗风险能力就强。某种程度上,现金流就是企业的生命线。一个公司是否有足够的现金流,实实在在地关系到其支付股利、偿还债务的能力,还关系到公司的生存和发展。因此对于企业而言,资金方面的风险是极其需要加强监控的,企业唯有手持大量现金流才是硬道理。 如果销路不畅导致石材原料大量堆积,石材库存必然会占用企业大量流动资金。而大量的石材资源库存,意味着需要大面积的堆放场地,对于企业而言,聘用相关管理人员,购买、租用相关仓库、厂房、配套设备,并付出心力维护运营,也是一笔极大的费用。若库存方面占用公司资金比例过大,甚至可能影响到企业其他方面的发展,导致企业后劲不足、资金短缺,严重的话,甚至将导致企业资金链断裂,从而影响企业生产的正常进行。 4.信用风险 在以往的行业运作中,有一些企业由于资金紧张等问题,往往主张通过赊账的方式从石材供应商处取得石材原料,或通过赊账的方式将石材原料放置在他人的仓库之中,待石材销售后再进行付款。必须指出,这样做本身存在极大的信用风险。倘若大量囤积的石材原料销路不畅,则将导致石材供应商和仓库运营方利益受损,进而恶化合作关系,将会严重影响企业和个人在社会上和行业里的信誉。 终上所述,石材企业在囤积荒料的时候,切不可一味的囤积居奇,应当时刻注意市场的走向,适当的进行“清库存”行动,防止货物滞销对石材企业带来的不利影响。 文章链接来源

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