Foshan Youngplants | Tissue Culture Plant Transplanting

September 25, 2023
Foshan Youngplants | Tissue Culture Plant Transplanting

Transplanting tissue culture plants upon arrival is a crucial process that sets the foundation for their growth and development. Here's a step-by-step guide to ensure the best results:

1. Preparation:

Use peat with mixing bactericide and water pH5.8-6.5

(Mix Thiophanate-methyl fungicide plus Thiram 1 gram of each per 1000 milliliter of water)

2. Storage:

If you cannot unpack them promptly, place them in a temperature-controlled room at 18~22°C or 64~72℉. This controlled environment is essential for maintaining plant quality.

3. Unpacking:

Upon arrival, promptly unpack the trays. Grade the plants by size to ensure uniformity. 

If you encounter any quality issues, please provide feedback to our sales team along with photographs. We are here to assist you.

4. Rinsing with fungicide:

Fungicide water: Thiophanate-Methyl fungicide 1 gram per 1000 milliliter of water(1:1000)

Rinse the plants to remove any gel residue from the roots. This step is crucial to prevent root rot when exposed to non-sterile conditions.

5. Transplant:

Gently plant each culture into the tray cells, ensuring that the roots are well-positioned in the peat.

Firmly secure the plants to promote root attachment.

6. Transfer and water:

Transfer the trays to the designated plant beds in semi-sheltered greenhouses. 

After planting, watering fungicide water within 30 minutes will be good for root strengthening.

Maintain air humidity levels over 80% and substrate moisture level of 60% to 80% to create an ideal growing environment.

7. Fertilization:

As the plants develop, consider using a mild liquid fertilizer to optimize growth rates.

We recommend fertilizing every week or fortnight based on the specific requirements of the plants.

Following these meticulous steps will ensure that your tissue culture plants receive the care and attention they need to thrive and flourish.

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